Hamro Foundation has been formed by Qamar Khan to give young people the chance to play sport with his main passion being cricket, the chance to learn teamwork, discipline and respect from playing the game. The foundation wants to aid and assist young people with the tools to fulfill their dream.

We are a small local charity on a mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities in Essex and London.
We want to take cricket and sport to new places and use it to ignite new passions, teach vital skills, unite diverse groups, and educate young people in our local area.

With coaching for all we want to provide young people a sense of ownership and help them develop important life skills such as leadership, teamwork and cooperation. These skills will help them become role models in their local community to inspire younger children to take up the game.
How the foundation wants to make a difference

Build links with other charities that’s aims and objectives are in line with ours.

We will work in conjunction with other organisations to raise funds to enable the foundation to fulfill the work and aims it sets out to achieve.

Qamar Khan came to this country from Pakistan unable to speak any English, his love and passion for sport and cricket has encouraged him to form the Hamro Foundation. He formed his company from nothing and now wants to give something back by helping young people to fulfill their full potential. He believes that cricket and team sports provide young people with skills to help them in all walks of life and gets them to engage their minds.

“Good luck to the Hamro Foundation” quote from Ryan ten Doeschate Essex Cricket Player



Let them play!

The Hamro foundation has a vision to increase the participation of cricket across the state sector and in deprived areas of Essex and London.


Let them play!

To aid and increase the participation of Cricket across a diverse community while identifying and supporting talent to help young people believe in themselves, increase self-esteem and follow their dreams.


Let them play!

Our work with ensure we are fully inclusive and support young people from any background whilst trying to maximise their potential.

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