Grant making Policy

This grant making policy was approved and formally adopted by the Trustees of Hamro Foundation at a meeting on 20 September 2017. It sets out the principles, eligibility criteria and evaluation criteria that will be applied by the Trustees in making decisions about the award of grants by Hamro Foundation.


1.1 Hamro Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England and Wales with registered number 1173574 and has the following charitable purposes:

To advance in life and help young people, in particular but not exclusively by providing or assisting in the provision of healthy sporting activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life.

1.2 Hamro Foundation makes grants to charities and other organisations in England and Wales that are carrying out projects within its charitable purposes as stated above.

1.3 Grants include any financial assistance provided by Hamro Foundation from its funds to support charitable activities.


2.1 Hamro Foundation is currently only considering grant applications from charities and other organisations in England and Wales working to advance of the sport of cricket for young people. Organisations working in this area are invited to apply for funding, but the Trustees may also identify organisations to support.

2.2 Grant applications in respect of particular charitable projects or capital expenditure will be prioritised over applications for the purpose of funding overheads and general operational costs.

2.3 Hamro Foundation might in exceptional circumstances make one-off grants towards the general purposes of a charity registered in England and Wales where there will be a clear and lasting benefit to that charity and its beneficiaries in the long term, but Hamro Foundation will not fund the overheads and other operational costs of a charity on an ongoing basis.

2.4 Hamro Foundation will not fund the overheads and other operational costs of any organisations that are not charities registered in England and Wales.

2.5 Hamro Foundation will not normally consider grant applications to cover expenditure that has already been incurred or committed.


3.1 The priority of the Trustees when assessing eligibility for a grant will be in identifying a genuine charitable need that falls within the current priority area set out in clause 2.1 above.

3.2 Applications will only be considered by the Trustees if the applicant is an organisation operating in England and Wales, and the project for which the applicant is applying for funding falls within the current priority area set out in clause 2.1 above.


4.1 Charities wishing to apply for grants from Hamro Foundation must submit an application in writing to or Alex Ullmer, Hamro Plc, Level 45, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA.

4.2 Hamro Foundation does not require applications to be submitted in a particular format, but all applications should include the following information:

4.2.1 if the applicant is a charity, a description of the applicant’s charitable objects and a summary of the activities carried out by the applicant to further its charitable objects for the public benefit;

4.2.2 the purposes or specific project for which the grant funding is requested (the Grant Purpose), and how the applicant proposes to spend the grant monies for which it has applied;

4.2.3 confirmation that the Grant Purpose is not already well-funded and that the applicant has limited or no other sources of income for the Grant Purpose;

4.2.4 a summary of any risks that have been identified by the applicant in relation to the Grant Purpose, and an explanation of the way in which the applicant plans to manage and minimise those risks; and

4.2.5 contact details of persons at the applicant who are available to answer any questions that the Trustees might have when considering the application.

4.3 All applications must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant organisation’s latest annual report and accounts and in the case of charity applicants a copy of the charity’s current charitable constitution. In relation to any applications for funding for long-term projects, a copy of the project plan must also be submitted with the application.

4.4 All applications, regardless of whether or not the applicant has previously received grant funding from Hamro Foundation, will be considered on their own merits.


5.1 All applications will be considered by the Trustees at their regular meetings.

5.2 Applications will be initially assessed in accordance with the priority area set out in this policy. It is expected that Hamro Foundation will receive more applications than it has funds available to support, so even where an application falls within its stated priority area it might not be successful.

5.3 All applications progressed from the initial priorities assessment will be subject to a detailed review and risk assessment, which the Trustees will carry out with regard to the Charity Commission’s Compliance Toolkit. The Trustees might also contact the applicant to request further information.

5.4 The Trustees have sole discretion as to which applications to approve, and shall not be required to provide an explanation where applications are not successful.

5.5 All applicants will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable after the Trustees have reached a decision.


6.1 All recipients of grant funding from Hamro Foundation shall be required to enter into a written grant agreement setting out the terms and conditions of the grant before any monies are advanced, which shall be proportionate to the value and nature of the grant and whether or not the recipient is a registered charity.

6.2 Grants may be made on terms that they are one-off grants or staged advances.

6.3 The Trustees may at their sole discretion include clawback provisions in any grant agreement in respect of material or persistent breaches of the terms and conditions of the grant.


7.1 It is the policy of Hamro Foundation to monitor all grants made.

7.2 The nature of monitoring and reporting requirements will be proportionate to the value of the grant funding and the Trustees’ risk assessment.

7.3 All recipients of grant funding will be required to report to Hamro Foundation on how the funds have been spent and on the impact of the activities once the grant monies have all been spent.

7.4 Some recipients of grant funding might be required to provide interim reports during the grant period setting out the progress of grant activities and details of spending to date. The level of detail and frequency of reporting required will vary depending on the value of the grant, the Trustees’ risk assessment, the purposes for which the grant has been made, and the grant period.

7.5 The Trustees may also include as a condition of any grant the right to make monitoring visits during the period of the grant.

7.6 The Trustees expect to receive copies of any published reports or other outputs resulting from the activities funded by grants made by Hamro Foundation.