What we do

Hamro Foundation

Hamro Foundation was established to provide young people the opportunity to take part in cricket at all levels. Cricket allows the opportunity for people to build skills, be part of a team and bond with others in their local community. Engaging in the sport teaches people discipline and respect from playing the game and the Foundation hopes to provide tools for young people to fulfil their cricketing dreams.

MCC Foundation

Hamro Foundation sponsors the MCC Foundation who help run 64 cricket Hubs across the UK. Recently, the MCC Foundation has welcomed Afghan refugees to Lords for weekly cricket sessions, English lessons and meals. 2021 saw the inaugural National Hubs Competition, run by the MCC Foundation, where all 64 of the Foundation’s Hub’s participated in a knock-out competition, culminating in a men’s and women’s final at Lords. The MCC Foundation support other projects including working with the Alsama Project and Cricket without Boundaries in Lebanon.

Lords Taverners’ Wicketz Programme

Hamro Foundation is currently working with the Lords Taverners’ Wicketz Programme, a programme for young people living in deprived communities, establishing cricket hubs, weekly cricket sessions and developing crucial life skills.

Hamro Plc sponsors ECB Premier in Essex, the league has been renamed as Hamro Foundation Essex League which includes players such as, James Foster, Ravi Bopra, Dan Lawrenece, Jamie Porter, Nick Brown, Robin Das and Feroz Khushi.